RV & Trailer Sales Dealer

RV & Trailer Sales Dealer

  • Well established business with over 30 years of experience and operation.
  • EBITDA for 2014 is $611,946 with annual sales of $8,479,011.76.
  • This is like a management buyout where top management desires to continue for a solid transition period.
  • Opportunity for long-term growth in three profit centers, sales department, parts and service departments.
  • Stellar reputation—company has received awards for customer service and satisfaction.
  • Looking for buyer with growth and expansion capital.
  • The Company has developed 7 competitive advantages over the years.
  • Significant barriers to competition in the area of operation.

Unique Travel Company


  • Four decades in an established market niche that was profitable through the recession.
  • To the owners knowledge there is no other business model like this in the travel industry and has commission percentages consistently around 20%
  • This unique model also creates repeat travel customers or groups that then use the Company for decades.
  • Nationally recognized reputation and expertise enables the Company to have proven policies that give repeat business and consistent profits.
  • Operates nationally and internationally with significant volumes of immediate infill potential.
  • This Company turned what many travel firms consider “challenges” into 14 competitive advantages that focus on its market niche.
  • This Company has mastered its niche through years of trial and error, resulting in unique travel experiences not normally available to the public.
  • This is a smaller business but primed for expansion with 10 strong growth opportunities within the enormous $157 billion dollar US travel market. .
  • Turnkey management with the Owners continuing in their management roles to help transition and expand the Company for a number of years.

This unique business model has two profit centers. The core business is an upscale travel agency and the extraordinary operation of their “Signature” international adventures. This company offers a solid core book of upscale leisure travel business and the higher margins of their Signature business.

One of the primary goals of the Owners is for a new owner with a stronger capital base is to take full advantage of the competitive advantages as well as the incoming tide of growth opportunities and propel the Company more quickly to a significantly higher level of revenue.   This is why the Owner’s are looking more for an equity partner than just a sale of the business. Once relieved of the burden of the administrative and financial duties they would like to continue developing and expanding their Signature business model for a number years and eventually move into a staged retirement.

With its solid book of core business and its unique Signature packages this Company is set apart from the others by their unique and creative tours packages that elevate good travel into unique “insider foreign cultural experiences” that create lifelong loyal customers. This is a smaller business but in this case it is not the size that counts, it is a new and exciting adventure for your clients that can separate you from your competition.

Sound & Lighting Company

AVAILABLE FOR ACQUISITION West Coast Sound and Lighting Company • 2014-15 banner year sales have doubled, may be best year in 45 year history. • 2013-14 EBITDA February FYE of $539,728 with excellent margins on annual sales of $1,978,850. • EBITDA for 2014-2015 FYE could be $800,000 or more. • Like a management buyout where top management desires to remain for a ongoing consistent and predictable future. • Looking for buyer with growth and expansion capital. • Sustainable, long-term growth in two profit centers, event production and permanent sound installation business. • To the owner’s knowledge this is the only Pacific Northwest company to have both sound and lighting with expert service department —providing a one-stop shop for event managers. • Stellar national reputation—company has received business from major national entertainment acts for years. • Loyal, expert workforce includes team of degreed, licensed pros. • Positioned to grow--with 10 growth opportunities in both profit centers. • The Company has developed 15 competitive advantages over the years. • Significant barriers to competition in the area of operation. • Installation jobs includes landmark auditoriums, universities and government buildings in the Northwest. • Events include political (all Presidential candidates since Robert Kennedy), fairs, concerts, graduations and etc.

Mechanical Contractor

Available for Acquisition PROMINENT MECHANICAL CONTRACTOR & REFRIGERATION COMPANY • This nearly century old Company is in the “right place at right time.” • This is a chance to be on the ground floor of a many year multibillion dollar project. • This is going to change the community dramatically. Real estate prices are already jumping. • The general manager/general contractor “GMGC” is Kiewit Corporation. • The county and Kiewit are working towards a policy of hiring as many local contractors as possible. • Given the scope of this project the work will primarily be done with union contactors like this Company. • This Company is the ONLY mechanical & refrigeration contractor in the region. • The existing facility and equipment have an estimated $12-million capacity. • This company boasts a flawless and stellar reputation and widespread name recognition that has created a consistent and repeat customer base and allows it to win more than 70 percent of the jobs it bids on. • The Company has earned 11 competitive advantages • Proximity to a key training center means technicians take full advantage of the latest industry education and certification. The immediate goal is to sell to a larger mechanical contractor that is equipped to handle the upcoming work load of this extensive project. The Company just passed up bidding on one of the first pieces of mechanical contractor work, a $5 million job they could have bid on if they were teamed up or owned by a larger mechanical contractor that had sufficient working capital and bonding. As the recession set in regionally sales declined from $6 million in 2006 to $2 million in 2013. The Owner feels sales have bottomed out and he is now hiring back personnel. With the preferential advantages of being a local business the owner wants the Company to be in a better position to get a fair share of this massive project and is realistic about becoming part of a larger mechanical contractor. He is willing to negotiate a price based on the value of the tangible assets plus an “earnout” for him as the sales and profits increase as this multiyear game changing project continues. The owner plans a staged retirement over a several-year period to provide a consistent and successful transition of ownership. He has groomed a long term person to eventually operate the Company. With experienced and proven management in place, he has made an effort to depersonalize relationships with customers over the past five years in preparation for his retirement. The Company’s high standards and criteria have kept quality of installation and fabrication well above the norm in the marketplace. The Company has longstanding relationships existing with area developers, architects, engineers, and general contractors. The owner wishes to identify a buyer who will continue with the same standards of ethics, honesty, and fair dealing this company has exhibited throughout its long history. This is a unique and excellent growth opportunity for a larger mechanical contractor to expand into this market and kick off the acquisition with the immediate opportunities of this multibillion dollar project.

Electrical Display Company

AVAILABLE FOR ACQUISITION DYNAMIC ELECTRICAL DISPLAY GROWTH OPPORTUNITY • Compared to 2013 the year to date sales for 2014 are up over 40%. • Business model is very scalable with 50% gross margins, customers are asking them to expand. • Looking for buyer with a stronger capital base to realize immediate nationwide growth opportunities. • Passed up $2.8 million dollar job that was at their doorstep due to not having sufficient capital. • This Company has over 20 years of success in the electrical display field. • A “green” Company reducing electrical consumption with their LED products. • National customers in all fields. • COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE - Proven success dealing with governmental agencies and city councils for zoning and permits. • There are eight growth opportunities that are primed to further expand the Company’s market area. • The Company has created five distinct competitive advantages. • They have an excellent in-house culture that is family like and productive. • Structure is open – sell minority or majority interest, merger, or they will sell 100% if they have employment contracts with phantom stock appreciation rights so they can share in the growth opportunities. Fiscal year is February and in seven months sales are ahead 40% in the $2MM range and the TTM September EBITDA is $577. Gross margins are in the 50% range. Good margin to scale up.
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