RV & Trailer Sales Dealer

RV & Trailer Sales Dealer

  • Well established business with over 30 years of experience and operation.
  • EBITDA for 2014 is $611,946 with annual sales of $8,479,011.76.
  • This is like a management buyout where top management desires to continue for a solid transition period.
  • Opportunity for long-term growth in three profit centers, sales department, parts and service departments.
  • Stellar reputation—company has received awards for customer service and satisfaction.
  • Looking for buyer with growth and expansion capital.
  • The Company has developed 7 competitive advantages over the years.
  • Significant barriers to competition in the area of operation.

Family Indoor Entertainment

Available for Acquisition

Family Indoor Entertainment Destination

 Premium Portland Location * Turnkey Management Team


The opportunity is a indoor family entertainment destination that specializes in trampoline and trampoline related activities for the family. Located in a premium retail location the store has a turnkey management team in place. The owner has outsourced the online marketing activities that drive the business. This is truly a turnkey opportunity.

Growth Opportunity

The Owners have identified three growth opportunities. These include expanding the current marketing structure to include a full time sales person responsible for event and group sales. In addition the owner believes that there is an opportunity to open additional stores that would benefit from the brand recognition and marketing that the owner has established over the last 4 years. The current foot print of the store also allows for additional attractions to be added enhancing the revenue opportunities.

Competitive Advantages

The Company has earned and developed five competitive advantages that focus on its market niche, including its premium location, management team and documented policy and procedures. Each of these advantages contributes to the future growth and prosperity of the Company.

Financial History

Total revenues for 2014 were $2,000,000 with a gross margin of 83% and a SDCF of $336,000. First quarter of 2014 the store has revenue of $550,000 a gross margin of 85% and a SDCF of $157,000.



The purchase price for The Company is $1,100,000.



YTD Jan - Mar









Gross Margin











For More Information Contact

Brent Freeman

(503) 387-5872

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wholesale Distribution Company

Available for Acquisition

National Wholesale & Distributing Company

Turn Key -Global Sourcing & Sales


Located on the west coast this award winning company has been serving its suppliers and customers for 24 years. The company supplies spare and replacement parts to a wide variety of Federal Government agencies, U.S. Military (DOD), Prime Contractors and Commercial customers worldwide. The company’s extensive experience in supply chain logistics, government contract management and commercial fulfillment has allowed it to partner with 50 to 60 O.E.M. manufactures/suppliers. Spare and replacement parts include but are not limited to; bearings, belts, connectors, engine parts, gasket, hydraulics, marine parts, regulators and winch parts.


Known for its operational excellence, the company had revenues in 2014 of $4,017.00 per square foot and was accomplished with a staff of twelve employees including the owners. In addition, The Company has developed several proprietary processes that encompass bid solicitation, contract management, packaging, invoicing, logistics and record retention. Developing long term relationships with a vast array of O.E.M. and suppliers is one of the keys to the company’s current success but is critical for its future growth. The owners are willing to stay on for up to one year making this a turn key opportunity.

Financial History

Revenues for 2014 were $25,424,773 an increase of $5,619,969 over 2013 $2,951,000. The EBITDA for 2014 was $8147,551with a gross profit margin of 6.46%.   Jan - May 2015 revenue was $10,103,867 with a net profit of $1,218,384 and a gross margin of 14.31%,





YTD Jan - May 15



FY 2014



FY 2013



FY 2012



For More Information Contact

Brent A Freeman

Direct Line—503-387-5872

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Unique Travel Company


  • Four decades in an established market niche that was profitable through the recession.
  • To the owners knowledge there is no other business model like this in the travel industry and has commission percentages consistently around 20%
  • This unique model also creates repeat travel customers or groups that then use the Company for decades.
  • Nationally recognized reputation and expertise enables the Company to have proven policies that give repeat business and consistent profits.
  • Operates nationally and internationally with significant volumes of immediate infill potential.
  • This Company turned what many travel firms consider “challenges” into 14 competitive advantages that focus on its market niche.
  • This Company has mastered its niche through years of trial and error, resulting in unique travel experiences not normally available to the public.
  • This is a smaller business but primed for expansion with 10 strong growth opportunities within the enormous $157 billion dollar US travel market. .
  • Turnkey management with the Owners continuing in their management roles to help transition and expand the Company for a number of years.

This unique business model has two profit centers. The core business is an upscale travel agency and the extraordinary operation of their “Signature” international adventures. This company offers a solid core book of upscale leisure travel business and the higher margins of their Signature business.

One of the primary goals of the Owners is for a new owner with a stronger capital base is to take full advantage of the competitive advantages as well as the incoming tide of growth opportunities and propel the Company more quickly to a significantly higher level of revenue.   This is why the Owner’s are looking more for an equity partner than just a sale of the business. Once relieved of the burden of the administrative and financial duties they would like to continue developing and expanding their Signature business model for a number years and eventually move into a staged retirement.

With its solid book of core business and its unique Signature packages this Company is set apart from the others by their unique and creative tours packages that elevate good travel into unique “insider foreign cultural experiences” that create lifelong loyal customers. This is a smaller business but in this case it is not the size that counts, it is a new and exciting adventure for your clients that can separate you from your competition.

E-Cigarette Liquid Manufacturing


This Company is an industry leader with a sterling reputation in manufacturing of E-Liquids and for their quality of flavors produced and for their customer support. The Company produces over 400 liquid flavors and ships their product throughout the world.

This Company is poised for growth in a worldwide growing market and with a stronger capital structure in place the possibilities for the future are vast.

As a pioneer in their field the Company is encountering a worldwide demand for its products. Its unique quality and ability to fulfill the custom needs has created a strong customer base. The Company is truly in the right place at the right time to profit from this exponentially increasing demand for e-liquids in the tobacco industry.

In an article that Chris Burritt from Bloomberg wrote in June 21, 2013 that e-cigs is one of the fastest growing product segments in the United States today.  



Sales $9 million

Gross margins in the 75% range

EBITDA $3 million

Competitive Advantages

The Company has earned and developed 6 competitive advantages that focus on its market, including its focus on quality and customer service. Each of these advantages contributes to the future growth and prosperity of the Company.

Management Succession

Predictability of personnel and management for a buyer is vital. The current operation is strong and all processes are in place with a trained workforce. There are key management personnel at all levels. The Owner is looking for a staged retirement so this is effectively a turn-key operation for the next owner.

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