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2nd Wind Investments

2nd Wind Investments

February 1, 2008


I want to thank you for your professional efforts in representing the sale and purchase of the automotive service business we closed on the first of the year. I am extremely happy with the purchase and all that you did to facilitate the transaction.

I had been looking for a business for the past two years and was astonished to find that most merger and acquisitions (M&A) firms did not have much, if any grasp of the business and financial information they were representing. I often raised questions about financial statements that did not make sense to me and for the most part the M&A firms I encountered either did not understand the financial details or simply did not bother to do any smell test on the numbers provided by owners. My experience with your firm was completely opposite. After I signed non-disclosure forms and was presented with the initial packet of information on the business I was interested in, the difference of what you prepared and what I was accustomed to seeing was startling.

Your packet was professionally prepared and covered in some detail all of the various aspects a prospective buyer would need to know in order to make a decision. It covered the history of the business; marketing considerations such as demographics, competition, future opportunities; and detailed financial history, to name a few. When I sought clarification on any details, the information was provided promptly.

During the offer and closing phases, your professionalism also shined through. You managed the closing like a project manager with weekly meetings with all principals and advisors to ensure that no stone was left unturned and all tasks were completed on time with a minimum of misunderstanding. You were there every step of the way. Thank you for that.

I would heartily recommend you and your firm to any serious seller of buyer of a business in the Northwest. Outstanding work.

Thanks again,
Gregg Peters, Owner



July 6, 2007

Dear Rick:

It is with great pleasure that I send you this letter of recommendation.

As you know, the transaction to purchase American Tescor, Inc. was very fluid. First of all, the initial offer book Piper Group created helped to answer a lot of questions regarding the company and how a transaction could be structured.

Secondly, the auction style bid process that you facilitated forced all of the participants to become competitive and creative. Plus it was very time sensitive. The perfect situation if you're selling a business. Through it all you and your team kept us current on the status of the transaction and provided requested deliverables, which allowed us the opportunity to respond to the changing structure of the transaction.
Lastly, as with many deals, once you have been selected as the winning bidder, the real negotiations begin. That was also true with this transaction. Your ability to bring issues forward and look for resolutions in a professional manner kept the transaction moving and was very much appreciated.

We would definitely recommend and look forward to working with the Piper Group on another transaction.

Best Regards,
Russell A. Johnson, President & CEO

Dayspring Hardwood & Moulding, Incorportated

Dayspring Hardwood & Moulding, Incorportated

September 18, 2006

Dear Rick:

Well it has been about eight months since we closed, and I just wanted to get back to you and thank you and Ken for your help in our acquisition of Dayspring.

To start with your offering memorandum was outstanding. I have looked at many offering documents, and your presentation was one of the more complete, which gave us a good tool to move forward in a timely manner.

Additionally, as the different offers came in on the Company you did not shop our offer but came back to us with deal points that helped us to understand the needs of the seller. In a multiple offer environment I appreciated how you were fair in dealing with all of the parties.

I appreciate both you and Ken's energy and efforts in working to get this transaction completed.

Best of luck to both of you, and thank you again.

Michael Newman
Dayspring Hardwood & Moulding

Dayspring Hardwood & Moulding, inc.

Dayspring Hardwood & Moulding, inc.

September 9, 2006

Dear Rick:

Well it was about six years ago, we were first referred to your company and I just want to send off a little thank you for the professional and successful job you and Ken Hobson did for my partner and I. When you first came over some years ago you showed us how to value our business. Our expectations were much higher so you advised us what was needed to achieve that value. Year by year you conferred with us on a continual basis until we had national distribution and had reached a level of earnings that would give us the price we wanted.

Your nationwide marketing and sales efforts starting with the excellent offering book generated a high level of activity, which resulted in multiple offers. The rewarding comments from the buyers regarding the quality of the offering book made me feel like it was worth all the work that went into creating the sales book. It also allowed the buyers to make decisions faster. Your process of working all the offers together instead of going back to who we thought was the best buyer with a counteroffer was a new way of working a deal for me but it really maximized our price. In fact the two largest strategic buyers with sales in the $150— 200 million range, you were able to get them to double their offers. Then on the third round of your deal point negotiations with all four buyers you were able to get one buyer to switch to a stock sale, which saved several hundred thousand dollars in taxes. Without your deal point negotiating process, we would have never guessed that the private equity group would be the prevailing buyer over the acceptable offers from the two large strategic buyers.

I like the way you and Ken stayed involved after we decided which buyer we would go with and accepted their offer. The roadmap as you call it to closing worked really well. You really created a team between the attorneys, CPA's, lenders and advisors. The roadmap created punch lists and assigned tasks and duties to the team with timelines. The weekly conference calls you would set up kept things moving. And when there was an obstacle, you and Ken were always there to create a solution. The way you managed the due diligence process and closing saved time, money and resulted in a successful closing.

Ultimately, the buyer you found added significant value to the company and I decided to retain an equity position. It has now been about six months and this new team is really working out well. Our sales are now growing faster than ever.

On a personal note I just want to say regarding you and Ken have become friends. Thanks for all your hard work.

Mike Engel, President, Dayspring Hardwood & Moulding

FAIR MEASURES Legal Training for Managers

FAIR MEASURES Legal Training for Managers

October 19, 2004

Dear Rick,

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you so much for your assistance in the acquisition of Fair Measures, a California-based legal training company. It is hard to believe you actually represented the Seller and we were the Buyers! But the fact is that by ably representing the Seller, you were able to bring a seamless integration to the transaction.

You did an excellent job for your client, while also coming up with workable solutions that served the transaction itself. We have no doubt that you shaved considerable time off the normal gestation period for a transaction of this type. You kept us all focused and on track and today our company is roaring ahead. Rick, we will have no hesitation to use you or recommend you in the future.


Thank you so much for bringing your focus, skills and attention to this transaction.

With best regards,

Elizabeth Birch CEO & Chair Fair Measures
Jo Ann Birch COO & President Fair Measures

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