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Dayspring Hardwood & Moulding, inc.

Dayspring Hardwood & Moulding, inc.

September 9, 2006

Dear Rick:

Well it was about six years ago, we were first referred to your company and I just want to send off a little thank you for the professional and successful job you and Ken Hobson did for my partner and I. When you first came over some years ago you showed us how to value our business. Our expectations were much higher so you advised us what was needed to achieve that value. Year by year you conferred with us on a continual basis until we had national distribution and had reached a level of earnings that would give us the price we wanted.

Your nationwide marketing and sales efforts starting with the excellent offering book generated a high level of activity, which resulted in multiple offers. The rewarding comments from the buyers regarding the quality of the offering book made me feel like it was worth all the work that went into creating the sales book. It also allowed the buyers to make decisions faster. Your process of working all the offers together instead of going back to who we thought was the best buyer with a counteroffer was a new way of working a deal for me but it really maximized our price. In fact the two largest strategic buyers with sales in the $150— 200 million range, you were able to get them to double their offers. Then on the third round of your deal point negotiations with all four buyers you were able to get one buyer to switch to a stock sale, which saved several hundred thousand dollars in taxes. Without your deal point negotiating process, we would have never guessed that the private equity group would be the prevailing buyer over the acceptable offers from the two large strategic buyers.

I like the way you and Ken stayed involved after we decided which buyer we would go with and accepted their offer. The roadmap as you call it to closing worked really well. You really created a team between the attorneys, CPA's, lenders and advisors. The roadmap created punch lists and assigned tasks and duties to the team with timelines. The weekly conference calls you would set up kept things moving. And when there was an obstacle, you and Ken were always there to create a solution. The way you managed the due diligence process and closing saved time, money and resulted in a successful closing.

Ultimately, the buyer you found added significant value to the company and I decided to retain an equity position. It has now been about six months and this new team is really working out well. Our sales are now growing faster than ever.

On a personal note I just want to say regarding you and Ken have become friends. Thanks for all your hard work.

Mike Engel, President, Dayspring Hardwood & Moulding

FAIR MEASURES Legal Training for Managers

FAIR MEASURES Legal Training for Managers

October 19, 2004

Dear Rick,

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you so much for your assistance in the acquisition of Fair Measures, a California-based legal training company. It is hard to believe you actually represented the Seller and we were the Buyers! But the fact is that by ably representing the Seller, you were able to bring a seamless integration to the transaction.

You did an excellent job for your client, while also coming up with workable solutions that served the transaction itself. We have no doubt that you shaved considerable time off the normal gestation period for a transaction of this type. You kept us all focused and on track and today our company is roaring ahead. Rick, we will have no hesitation to use you or recommend you in the future.


Thank you so much for bringing your focus, skills and attention to this transaction.

With best regards,

Elizabeth Birch CEO & Chair Fair Measures
Jo Ann Birch COO & President Fair Measures

James A. Meyer

James A. Meyer

September 14, 2004

Dear Rick:

Once again I'm writing to thank you for your efforts in working with us in a successful acquisition effort. As you know, the recent acquisition of Direct Broadcast Satellite Center, Inc. represented the third company my partners and have bought through you. In each case, the sellers had listed the company with you, and we were the buyers.

Though I have been involved in a good many acquisitions and sales of companies during my career, I consider you the most professional of the mergers & acquisition advisors with whom I have worked. You do an excellent job of representing the sellers, while at the same time assuring that appropriate information is available to prospective buyers at every stage of the process.
Like every transaction, this one had some bumps in the road. Your efforts to keep buyers, seller, and service providers on track contributed significantly to keeping the time frame within the most reasonable possible limits.

I also appreciated your efforts to be sure that both we and the seller anticipated as many of the potential loose ends as possible, so that we were all able to minimize the delays near the end of the process.

All in all, the transaction was a very satisfactory experience, due in large part to your skills in managing the whole process for the benefit of all concerned. Hook forward to working with you again in the future, and I would be glad to be a reference for you with any prospective buyers or sellers.

Sincerely, Jim

Edelen Customer Doors & Windows, Inc.

Edelen Customer Doors & Windows, Inc.

September 8, 2004


I wanted to thank you for your role in the sale of Edelen Custom Doors & Windows, Inc. Even though you represented the sellers, your honesty, fairness and integrity were impeccable. Your commitment to the transaction transcended the relationship of the buyers and sellers and included the employees as well. Many people have contributed greatly to Edelen' s success over the years and many will never know how much you repaid this commitment.

As you well know, this was a rather long and drawn out process that none of us could have made any shorter, and had it not been for your prodding, insight, and professionalism, we would probably still be waiting for this transaction to close.

I would gladly recommend your services to anyone wanting to buy or sell their company.

Steve A. Hunt, President

NexLevel Inc.

NexLevel Inc.

September 1, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to express a letter of reference for a business acquisition transaction that was recently closed through The Piper Group.

A company we owned retained The Piper Group in late 2003 to bring qualified prospective buyers to the table for the acquisition of the company. The Piper Group was diligent in compiling an attractive, accurate, and complete offering book and a multifaceted sales and marketing strategy that quickly generated multiple prospective qualified buyers. The offering book was impressive and most importantly supplied buyers the complete information that helped them to quickly assess their interest in an acquisition of the business.

The Piper Group generated offers from qualified buyers and through their unique deal point process we where able to negotiate with multiple buyers simultaneously until the upper limits were found with each buyer. We then decided which buyer to accept. The result was the strongest buyer at the highest price.

Rick Piper stayed fully involved with a hands on personal approach through the entire process. I was most impressed with the assistance he gave to both buyer and seller through due diligence and with issues that arose through closing. Rick found win-win solutions that could only be found with his experience and special efforts.

Rick Piper and his staff are true professionals in their field. I felt confident through the entire process in achieving both the type of buyer and the price I had expected. I highly recommend their services particularly to a first time buyer or seller of a business. They remove the anxiety and stay with you through the entire process with a personnel touch that is hard to find in large acquisitions.


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