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Rose City Rebar and Post-Tensioning Co.

Rose City Rebar and Post-Tensioning Co.

August 4, 2010

Dear Rick:

Although this may be an overlooked task, I feel that I must bring to your attention the outstanding customer service I received by you and the Piper Group.

I am, of course, very delighted to have had the pleasure of working with you on the sale of Rose City Rebar and Post-tensioning Co. Your professional and courteous attitude, expert knowledge, patience and extreme diligence in handling the sale of the company were very important during the hard economic times.

To find the perfect buyer after a complete nationwide marketing to hundreds of potential buyers and keeping complete confidentiality during the process shows that you have a very organized plan in place. The buyer and other potential candidates thought that the offering book was quite complete and very through.

I was very happy about how your roadmap to closing was in place once you found the right buyer. Following the roadmap kept all the pieces of the puzzle coming together in a well organized manner. It made for a fairly simple closing.

Thanks again Rick for your patience and extreme diligence.


John C. Doolittle, President

Pinemeadow Group LLC

May 23, 2001 THE PIPER GROUP, LLC Just a quick note to thank you for your very professional and on task assistance in the recent capital transaction you brought to us. We receive solicitations all the time to "sell our business" and those have all gone directly into the trash; however, you approached us in a manner that induced us to look at your client and opportunity differently. Rather than immediately dismiss your letter of introduction, the "special sauce" you put in your letter drew us first to call you and say, 'Is this for real?" and then to proceed to the first steps of introduction and then down the road to a very mutually satisfying transaction several months later. Without your "special sauce" as you call it, I will guarantee you that your initial solicitation would have gone directly into the trash as well. Our new partner is on board, happy, and a great addition to our team. Thank you again for introducing us all and getting it done. Sincerely, PINEMEADOW GROUP J. Bryan O'Doherty, CPA Chief Financial & Operating Officer



June 28, 2010

Dear Rick,

Thank you so much for your fine effort in facilitating the sale of Formations, Inc. Clearly we picked the right man for the job. You put together an exceptional marketing document which was well received by potential buyers and your direct and tenacious follow up with them was appreciated as you were always working to move the sale forward. As we progressed into the letter of intent negotiations, your advice on pricing resulted in getting us our full asking price in tough economic times.

Selling a business is full of starts and stops and you were able to keep everyone focused and also kept the emotional side of the sale under control.

Thanks again for your experience and sensitivity to the issues of confidentiality and for a job well done. I would highly recommend Piper Group International to anyone considering selling their company.


Craig Kerger,  Design Principal



Dear Business Owner,

My business partner, Nadine Huey, and I used the brokerage services of Piper Group International this year to sell the pharmaceutical business we have owned since 1981. This last 12 months have seen the worst economic recession in the USA since the Great Depression of 1929. Somehow in this difficult financial environment Bill Billingsly found qualified buyers for our business. In fact he found buyers uniquely qualified to work in our hospital clinic settings. Financing the sale and the freeze on credit made the transaction difficult, yet Bill helped us work out the financing so that both buyers and sellers are happy.

Because of all the players involved in the sale of a pharmaceutical company, the process took a long time. The buyers had to get a legal registration with not only the IRS and Oregon Corporation Board, but also with the federal DEA and the Oregon Board of Pharmacy. Bill helped orchestrate this whole long process. When it seemed like we would never get it all done, his enthusiasm and perseverance kept us all going.

We are indeed grateful to Bill for helping us do what we had not been able to do by ourselves. His guidance made our sale successful. I heartily recommend him to anyone who is considering selling a business.

Sincerely,    Mary Jo Hubert Warr-King    11-19-09

Northwest Polymers

Northwest Polymers

November 6, 2009

To whom it may concern,

I had the good fortune to be referred by a good friend of mine that had sold his company through the Piper Group. I also had the good fortune to be introduced to Rick Piper.

Rick Piper is not only well respected in his field, but is an expert in business valuation as well. This level of expertise and professionalism, as well as a great track record of success made us feel a great deal more comfortable having the Piper Group guide us through this process.

The process of selling a business is not only time consuming but can be frustrating as well. Mr. Piper's commitment and diligence was evident by the countless number of hours spent the closer we came to closing the sale, as well as post closing discussions with the buyers.

I would gladly recommend anyone that is interested in selling or merging a business to the Piper Group.

Glenn O. Severson, President

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