Joner Law Firm, PLLC

Joner Law Firm, PLLC

July 2, 2008


I recently attended one of your seminars and was very impressed with your presentation. You offered information on methods of business valuation that was unusually practical and your 40 initiatives for building additional value were so easy to understand and implement that I was immediately able to use them not only in my own business but also for several of my small business clients.

I work with a number of small business clients who have been putting their heart and soul into their businesses for many years and have finally realized the necessity of planning for business succession.  One area that seems to consistently present a certain amount of “mystery" for these clients is the concept of valuing their businesses as they make plans to transition out of those businesses. Your material does a fantastic job at removing this "mystery" and enables my clients to understand some of the valuation concepts that have overwhelmed them in the past so that they can plan to move forward with their succession planning.Your materials truly have made a difference in my client's lives.

Thank you for helping my clients understand these important concepts and for making my job a little easier! Keep up the great work.

Loren Joner

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